Mega Machinery Inc.

Company Details

Mega Machinery is the leading manufacturer of stretch blow molding machinesand plastic injection molds in China. our packaging department is focusing on a broad range of PET preform molding systems and stretch blow molding equipments. Injection mold department is dedicated in various plastic mold, such as the molds for automobiles, pallet, crate. Mega services to the global plastics industry.

Our main products:

  1. Reheat stretch blow molding machine
  2. Stretch blow molding machine PP,IV bottles
  3. Preform mould 
  4. Cap mold … more

Filling & Packaging Equipments

Brief Introduction
Along with the increasing requirement of PET bottle in the market, the related filling & packing equipments is getting more important. MEGA as one of the professional injection molding and blow molding equipments supplier in china, we provide the turn-key packaging production line for the customers, we have been working with different downstream machinery makers in order to provide the turn-key solutions.
Mega Supplies
1. Filling machines for the beverage, water, CSD, and hot filled liquids.
2. Sleeve labeling machine
3. Stick labeling machine
4. Ink jet coding machine
5. Shrinking machine
6. PE shrinking machine
7. Palletizing and packaging machine
8. RO water purification & treatment line

Auxiliary Equipments

At MEGA Machinery, the blow molding system, injection molding system, and the injection moulds are the main products. In order to provide better service for our customer and based on the many years of experience & know-how in the blow moulding & injection moulding field, cooperating with the famous auxiliary equipments manufacturer, MEGA Machinery supplies the related auxiliary equipments to build the turn-key project for the customers.

Equipments for Caps

Mega is Chinese professional cap lining machine and cap slitting machine manufacturer, supplier and maker. The lining machines is special designed for the plastic closure, In order to prolong the shelf life of carbonated drinks, normally the manufacturer will add one liner inside the closure. The cap lining machine is used to compress a seal liner inside the closure. After years of the upgrading, the new cap lining machine is faster, and saves more energy. 

The MG-3 automatic cap slitting machine is mainly for cutting the tamper evidence band of the caps. We adopt new idea for delivery caps into slitter, which is more convenience. At the slitting section, special designed edges are installed, it provides nicer safety ring on tamper proof cap.

PET preform moulds

Mega is the professional Chinese PET preform mould manufacturer, supplier and maker. Our PET mould department offers the dedicated team for all kinds of preform designs and manufacturing different type of preform moulds, such as the thick wall preform moulds which mainly designed for the 5 gallon PET preforms, wide mouth preform moulds that has been used widely for the nuts or candy industry and other standard preform mould for the bottled waters, CSD, edible oils and so on.

The new advanced hot runner with valve gate system for the micro-pitch preform mould have been introduced to the market, it helps the preform producer reducing the power consumption of the molds and Tonnage of the preform molding system. The number of cavities is up to 96 cavities for standard neck finishes, such as PCO 1881, PCO1810, and 30/25. The cam roller design for the thread splits helps operator maintenance freely.

MEGA provides the preform mould refurbishment and preform weight, neck finish conversion service for other brand.